Pet Odor & Urine Damage

There are several levels of pet odor and urine damage. We recommend treating the carpet for odor and urine damage be done before cleaning it. The reason is that water or moist will reactivate the urine producing odor or extending the affected area to other part the carpet padding or even the floor. Depending on the levels of odor and urine damage, full elimination of pet odor or urine damage may take up to two visits.

Affected areas are treated with enzymes that will ”eat away” the urine present in the carpet; typically it takes 36 to 48 hrs. For these enzymes to work properly serious urine damage will require to remove and replace the pad, seal floor and trims replace carpet tack, apply odor elimination, and eliminator, and treat carpet to remove yellow color.

Please call us also for other kind of odors or AC system; we will probably be able to help you


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